Xbox One gets 15 Exclusive Titles. 8 will be new IP

With some brand new franchises. 

Today has been packed with news on the XboxOne, some more interesting than others.  Possibly one of the more notable pieces to come out of Microsoft’s big Xbox Reveal was the news that the XboxOne will receive 15 exclusive titles within its first year of going on sale.

8 of the 15 games set to be exclusives will be entirely new franchises, one of which has already been confirmed as Remedy Games TV-Game cross over, Quantum Break.

The battle to snap up console exclusives is going to become ever more prominent in the coming console ‘war’ between Sony and Microsoft as audiences become more segregated in the revival of PC gaming and the rise of handheld and tablet gaming. We’ve already seen this happening toward the end of the current console generation as Microsoft were quick to tie up console DLC exclusive deals (for a period of time) for the latest Call of Duty Black Ops 2 DLC.

Microsoft clearly has its eyes on dominating the exclusive market for the coming generation also. Not only have they announced 15 exclusive titles but they’ve also tied up exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team DLC for the next Xbox and as with the previous titles in the Call of Duty franchise, any DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts is set for release on the XboxOne first.

Will this battle over console exclusives entice the brand rivalry that exists between the two company fan bases or will it simply push the console audience to more open platforms? 


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