Apex Legends launches with exclusive PlayStation Plus DLC and Starter Packs

Apex Legends, a new F2P Battle Royale experience from Respawn Entertainment, has been announced and launched today with a host of extras.

Apex Legends has a Starter Pack available for £3.99 which gives you 600 in-game currency – known as Apex Coins – on top of an Animated Fresh Meat RE45 Weapon Skin and Feeding Frenzy Badge. The Apex Coins can be used to buy cosmetic Apex Packs, customisation items and weapons.

Then for £24.99 you get the Founder’s Pack, which gives you 2000 Apex Coins and some exclusive skins, including a Legendary Demon Hemlok Weapon Skin, 3 Exclusive Roughneck Character Skins – 1 for the Wraith, Bloodhound, and Gibralter types), in addition to a Founder’s Badge and 3 Exclusive Banner Frames.

And for PlayStation Plus owners you get an exclusive pack with 2 themed weapon camos for Flatline and RE45, 1 exclusive character camo for Gibraltar and Bloodhound, and 1 banner each for Gibraltar and Bloodhound.

The game has literally just dropped so we’ve not had a chance to check it out but keeping checking back for more on Apex Legends. 

A Battle Pass will also launch in March, giving you further access to exclusive cosmetic material and offering a themed season which adds new content to the game.

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