Pockie Pirates gets new ‘Sea God System’

Time to put your pirate hats on as there is even more pirate news for you this week. Fans of the anime One Piece are sure to be aware of its MMO, ‘Pockie Pirates’ and it will be receiving a unique ‘Sea God System’.

Players will be able to collect Stone of Sea Soul’s by finding treasure, upon finding 7 of the same level. Upon embedding them in the sea soul system, a brand new sea soul skill is unlocked that corresponds with the stones. Stones can also be obtained by completing the Poneglyphs mini-game and players might be rewarded with extra silver and prestige during play at random times.

The Sea God System is limited to those who are level 40 and above and there will 5 different sea soul skills titled; ‘God of Windy Sea’, ‘God of Crystal Sea’, ‘God of Flower Sea’, ‘God of Cloudy Sea’, and ‘God of Teary Sea’ all of which level up with the character.

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