January 25, 2013


Knights of Pen and Paper Bugs

There’s no noticeable bugs in Knights of Pen and Paper. The game has shipped in a great state. During our playthrough, we didn’t encounter many bugs or technical glitches. However, if you did then we need your help to compile a full, accurate list. Please detail any problems you’ve experienced…


Knights of Pen and Paper: Is it any good?

This is a turn-based RPG at a fairly basic level and requires players to duke it out in random battles, take part in linear quests with a set objective and listen to lots of reference-fuelled, tongue-in-cheek dialogue. If that’s not for you, then this game probably won’t be either. That said, there’s plenty of surprise fun…


Opinion: Do you know what DLC is?

After reading a recent interview on Destructoid it seems that there are still a large proportion of gamers out there completely unaware of downloadable content and life in games beyond their inaugural retail state. Why is this the case and how can we do a better job of imparting that knowledge ?

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