September 2014


Watch_Dogs DLC Bad Blood announced

Ubisoft has today announced some new DLC for it’s open-world hack ’em up Watch_Dogs (no, not that sort of hacking, this isn’t Dexter the video game…). Bad Blood doesn’t star Aiden Pearce, but rather T-Bone, making him playable for the first time. You’re still in Chicago, but you get 10…


Destiny Rundown

September 9th not coming fast enough for you? Still not sure what Destiny actually is? Our Mike Smith has been spending a great deal of time with the Beta and has recorded a short video explaining the ins and outs of Bungie’s ‘next big thing’. So if you’re desperate to…

As We Play

Runers – As We Play

Format – PC Version: Top-down shooters are always a lot of fun but are often criticized for lacking depth. Roguelikes have depth to spare but can sometimes be ponderous exercises in walking about and dying. Aiming to address the flaws of both genres, Runers combines them together, marrying the…

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