Over 9000 Zombies! First Play

Zombie shooters are a pretty common mainstay in today’s game market so any candidates that want to get themselves noticed have to differentiate themselves from the slew of competitors. “Over 9000 Zombies!” does this by implementing a crafting system where players can make walls and turrets to defend themselves from the incoming horde. This works to add some interesting gameplay elements to, what would be, an otherwise stale experience.

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I would like to point out that I was not able to play the local cooperative mode for the game, I used a keyboard, and soloed my way to “Day 4”.

The game is pretty basic when it comes to its play-style with a top-down perspective and a twin stick shooter control design (WASD and mouse for keyboard). Players start out in the middle of a zombie infested street with a pistol and a couple of grenades and have to fight their way through the day until the horde relents for a brief moment to give you time to set up emplacements.

The gameplay is pretty run of the mill for top-down zombie shooters with a standard suite of weapons and temporary power ups to pick up with the only exception being the game’s crafting system. This systems helps to give the game a “hold the fort” kind of feeling where you can construct walls and various flavors of turrets to hold out against the onslaught. Matches start out slow, but become more interesting as you build your weapons and plan out how you want to set up your defenses.

The zombies do offer different bonuses as you progress and there are a few variants of undead, but the game has a nasty habit of spawning enemies right next to you. So, at night, you often don’t see them until you are hit.

When it comes to visuals, the graphics are pretty basic with the game taking place in a little town with blocky textures and some splatter effects. The shadows that are cast from the light that your character carries around looks nice; especially at night. On the other hand, sound design isn’t very good with a few weapons that even make a “pew pew pew” noise, but the soundtrack is solid.

While the market is already saturated with zombie shooters, “Over 9000 Zombies!” does get some points for trying something different that ended up being an enjoyable experience and brings more of a tactical approach to genre.


Crafting adds variety to basic gameplay

Lighting system looks good at night


Uninspired visuals and sound engineering

Zombie spawns can be annoying

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