AirMech 23476 adds Devastator Tank

AirMech 23476, a Free to Play RTS, has been in Early Access for well over a year and has just added a brand new tank, as well as a sea of other features, such as Ultimate Abilities and the Event Scroll.

Here’s the full changelog…


  • Matchmaking 3.0 queue system activated
  • New Unit: Devastator
  • ultra heavy tank that hits for massive damage (definitely over 9000)
  • New Saucer Ultimate Ability
  • Teleport units from the build queue to your cargo hold!
  • New Neo Ultimate Ability
  • Confuse nearby missiles into selecting new targets!
  • New Angel Ultimate Ability
  • Hyper Rail greatly increases Sniper Rifle damage (work in progress, visuals/sound not final)
  • Whole bunch of new Parts, which will be dropping and craftable with the Nanoforge
  • Rework of Challenge maps to make them better for new players learning the game
  • New art for some pilots
  • Larger and brighter friend inspect dialog, possibly customizable in the future
  • Ability Bar Icons now require deliberate click to activate (mouse-up only won’t trigger them)
  • Stop mouse from forcing position on game launch
  • Event Feed first pass added to game (view in Social tab more easily)
  • Spiral survival map waves have been adjusted
  • New Promo for entering email address to make completing Uplink Quest easier
  • tweaks to display in Shop prices
  • update Tutorial character to reflect chosen pilot from new user start
  • update Saucer’s teleport: only allow teleporting units that don’t exceed Saucer’s carry capacity
  • move Event Scroll offscreen when there’s no room for it
  • Ashe and Beppo have updated art
  • Make Uplink Quest link to ingame email entry

New Parts:

  • Helix Turbine Engine superior engine for rotatry craft
  • Advanced Engine – fly faster, burn more fuel
  • Advanced Pistol Ammo – Angel primary weapon only
  • Bipod – Angel sniper rifle only
  • Specialized Scope – Angel sniper rifle only
  • Specialized Shield – improved energy shield
  • Heavy Chest Armor – additional protective layers
  • Chest Armor – better balance between protection and movement
  • Heavy Helmet – no headshots here
  • Helmet Armor – upgrade from default armor
  • Heavy Knee Armor – protects those weak spots
  • Knee Armor – covers the knee joint
  • Servos – quicker transform and running
  • Efficiency Chip – increase flight efficiency at increased cost
  • Advanced Minigun – exlusive to Warthog, adds Style!

Bug Fixes:

  • fix to prevent re-enter Matchmaking queue too fast
  • fix crash with Saucer when Blinking and Teleporting
  • fix collision issues on Twin Peaks
  • fix collision issue on Sonya
  • fix Challenge 10 issues
  • make shop filter background block clicks
  • bug fix for a desync issue
  • fix part stat rebalancing to display correctly
  • Fixed a rare crash when sending too many units to attack
  • AI bugfixes

Balance Changes:

  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage increased 50%
  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage starts to falloff at 40% of max range
  • Bomber Does 25% less damage to Outposts
  • Osprey Does 18% more damage to Outposts
  • Only Tech 1 is needed to build any of the Super units now
  • Tech Pod build time increased to 10 seconds from 8
  • Jumper Cost increased to 1100 from 900
  • Jumper HP reduced to 210 from 250
  • Jumper DPS decreased to 60 from 63
  • Flamer Cost increased to 990 from 600
  • Flamer HP decreased to 300 from 350
  • Sergeant Cost increased to 1400 from 1200
  • Sergeant DPS decreased to 60 from 65
  • Sergeant Weapon Penetration reduced to 30 from 35
  • Roller Cost increased to 9800 from 8000
  • Roller Weapon Penetration reduced to 20 from 45
  • Grinder Cost increased to 12000 from 11000
  • Grinder Weapon Penetration increased to 90 from 85
  • Grinder DPS decreased to 250 from 300
  • Goliath HP decreased to 300 from 350
  • Seeker Range decreased to 24 from 28
  • Seeker Armor decreased to 70 from 85
  • Seeker Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • T99 Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • Flakker DPS increased to 180 from 150
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