Don’t Starve PS4 v1.01 improves auto saves and HUD size settings

A decent sized patch for Don’t Starve has gone live on Playstation 4.

The title just left Playstation Plus and was replaced by Outlast. Now it’s focusing on some of the community feedback left on the game.

New features include an improve auto-save system, new HUD Size Settings and better Rock Lobster AI.

Here’s the changelog…

  • New HUD Size Settings: Players can now increase or decrease the size of the HUD in settings menu
  • Auto Save Improved: Game will now auto-save after every in-game day by default. This can be enabled or disabled from the settings menu.
  • Better Rock Lobster A.I: Rock Lobster followers will now function properly when travelling between the surface and the caves
  • Fixes: Addressed rare crashes related to attempting actions on world objects while they are being lit on fire, and certain rare creatures being spawned into the world
  • Fixes: Addressed issues with part of mini-map disappearing or displayed wrongly under certain circumstances
  • Fixes: Fixed issue with resurrection after dying in the ruins and descending back into them
  • Fixes: Unlock for Wes was not functioning properly


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