Articles by Lucy Ingram

Playstation 3

Killer is Dead to get Premium Edition

Deep Silver recently confirmed that Killer is Dead will be getting a premium edition with its own reversible cover and bonus DLC. Costing the same as the standard edition, perks will include a “Beauty & The Beast & The Lingerie”  mission pack, the “Temptation of Miss Vampire” gigolo mission, and…

Playstation 3

Far Cry 3’s map editor adds Blood Dragon content

Far Cry 3’s map editor was just recently updated in order to include assets from standalone spin-off expansion Blood Dragon. The “Mark IV Style” content pack allows players to create crazy level designs with the same neon-saturated visuals as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (pictured above). Unfortunately, dragons were not…

Playstation 3

DuckTales Remastered to expand on story

DuckTales Remastered developer, WayForward Technologies, have expanded on the original plot to Capcom’s DuckTales in order to satisfy questions that were left previously unanswered, such as why Scrooge McDuck was fighting a rat on the moon and why his nephews were kidnapped. In an interview with Siliconera Capcom producer, Rey Jimenez explains,…

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