Battlefield V lets you get a Chapter 4 headstart with new Premium Booster Pack

You can now get a headstart on the competition in Chapter 4 in Battlefield V as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

A new Defying the Odds Premium Booster Pack is now available and, among other things, lets you ‘climb your chapter rank faster’.

Additionally, you can equip new Epic outfits and Weapon Skins. The Epic Soldier outfits are ‘Wild Eagle’ and ‘Sturmwolf’.

Additionally, there’s 6 chapter Reward Tiers skipped, 4 Epic Weapon skins and 3 Special Assignments.

As always, you’ll get 2,000 Battlefield Currency in the pack.

It’s going to cost you £24.99 though, so it won’t come cheap!

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