Battletoads have brawled their way into Shovel Knight on Steam today

Yacht Club Games have announced and revealed that the Battletoads are punching and kicking their way into Shovel Knight on Steam today!

When playing as Shovel Knight, you can uncover a secret encounter in the Hall of Champions which sees you fight against Rash, Zitz and Pimple. The dream is alive!

The update also features a ton of other changes and fixes for consoles.

Check out the full list below.

Change Log
  • New: The Battletoads join the fray! While playing as Shovel Knight, kick off this very special encounter by uncovering a double secret room in the Hall of Champions.
  • New: Japanese language options added (Kanji and Kana).
  • New: During end game credits, an icon will be displayed next to stages which have successfully had all checkpoints broken.
  • New: Device detections and icons for Switch controllers (Pro Controller and Joy-Con) as well as Xbox One controllers.
  • New: Mouse buttons can now be bound to gameplay actions. LMB, RMB…you name it!
  • Fix: PS4 controller now properly displays “Share” as Select, instead of incorrectly displaying the Touchpad icon.
  • Fix: Teethalon sometimes moving slowly throughout the entire chase sequence.
  • Fix: Incorrect fullscreen monitor displaying in the Options Menu.
  • Fix: Player 2 resetting controller bindings to default would resets Player 1’s bindings as well.
  • Fix: Using the number row to change relics in co-op would change both player’s active relic.

Shovel of Hope

  • Fix: Alternating between Toad Armor and Dust Knuckles would create inconsistent punch flips.
  • Fix: Completing the game with no items collected would round up to a 1% item completion. It should now display 0%.
  • Fix: Playing certain songs at the Bard resulting in erroneous playback when transitioning indoors or underground.
  • Fix: Aerial Mobile Gear could be interrupted by Tinker wrench.
  • Fix: Initially unable to use subweapons during battle with Mr. Hat.
  • Fix: Crash would occur when changing a single Body Swap setting for a boss, failing at that boss, and then revisiting the encounter.
  • Fix: Respawn point drifting farther back during many repeated deaths at the Hall of Champions boss.
  • Fix: Bugs in certain lines of dialogue while playing and changing settings in Body Swap mode.
  • Fix: Crash when changing Body Swap settings for only a single Boss, while fighting that Boss, falling in battle, and then retrying the encounter.
  • Fix: Minor text error when changing game’s language under certain Body Swap conditions while on the Level Map.
  • Fix: Random armor cheat sometimes resulting in an unusable armor set.
  • Various improvements made to co-op play.
  • Various text fixes for Body Swap mode.
  • Various improvements made to Battletoads encounter and rewards.

Plague of Shadows

  • Fix: Rematch: Shovel Knight alchemy power meter never fully refilling.
  • Fix: Erroneous screen transition when falling into the right most pit in the final anchor room of Iron Whale.
  • Fix: Liquid Samurai could be pushed off ceilings by Vat arcana.
  • Fix: Plague being invisible and immobile when caught in a double KO with the final boss.
  • Fix: Failing to defeat Black Knight on the world map could sometimes lead to multiple encounters occupying the same space.
  • Fix: Shadow blocks being destroyed by having an orbit bomb active during the penultimate boss battle.

Specter of Torment

  • Fix: Curio Upgrade menu can now be advanced with the Start button, similar to other menus that don’t use Start for another action.
  • Fix: Using Cold Shoulder after a certain dancing scene would pause the animation (the coldest of shoulders).
  • Fix: Specific timing would enable movement while still in a nearby shop after speaking with Red.
  • Fix: Defeating Tinker Knight very, very fast with cheats resulting in unintended behavior.
  • Fix: Being killed by Propeller Knight moments before a phase change would bring Specter back with no health.
  • Fix: Reize would appear incorrectly when defeated mid-teleport.
  • Fix: Plague Knight would sometimes appear without contact damage active after a teleport.
  • Fix: Performing a unique pose in a certain armor set is now duplicated by Blood Mirror (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
  • Fix: Getting hit right when beginning a rail grind would cancel out death.
  • Fix: Specter Knight losing active attack frames when releasing a charged slash at the very end of a rail.
  • Fix: Starting Black Knight, Phantom Striker, or Treasure Knight with Skeleton Sniper or active lantern flames causing erroneous behavior.
  • Fix: Luan jumps prioritized better when backtracking through a room.
    Change: Adjusted visibility of certain background tiles found in Tower and Flying Machine stages.
  • Various localization and menu prompt spacing fixes.
  • Improvements to keyboard key icons so they take up less space.
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