Betrayer (Blackpowder Games) Live on Steam

Scared already?

Independent studio Blackpowder Games today announced the release of its first-person action adventure game, Betrayer, the self-funded debut title from the creative team known for the acclaimed No One Lives Forever series and the original F.E.A.R.

Frozen Terror

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Arriving on Steam, Betrayer is a game set in a New World Colony of 1604; this extremely eerie and suspenseful action adventure leaves players traversing the landscape, attempting to discover what has happened to its inhabitants; at the same time surviving the supernatural threats that will find them along the way.

Craig Hubbard the games designer and writer said,

 “Betrayer is the kind of game we’ve been wanting to make ever since we shipped FEAR,”

“You can explore large, open environments in search of clues and loot. You can tackle challenges aggressively or stealthily. You can outfit yourself with the equipment that best suits your play style. It’s a very player-driven experience.”

Back in August 2013, the game was dropped onto Steam (early access) in the Alpha Form, and this has allowed for months of additional development and refinement with input directly from the community. Thanks to this community support, new features were added, including:-

– New game mechanics

– UI improvements

– Contrast and colour sliders (Players can customize the look of the game to their liking)

When Paintball goes wrong!

When Paintball goes wrong!

Steam link: the prices of  the game are $19.99 / €18.99 / £14.99

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