Boundless DLC Empires is first major update for the game

Boundless quickly became one of the most talked about MMOs of 2018 with its subscription-free service and cross-play between PC and PS4.

Following a successful first year at market, the game now has a major new update entitled Empires which is available from today. The highlight is a brand new Guild system which lets you meet up with friends in the game.

Anyone can set up or join a Guild by using the newly added Guild Control book. Like with other MMOs, you can set ranks and permissions and message friends, but unlike others you can align beacons to gather prestige and protect your investments, create factions within the guild, and even give over control for shared areas.

What’s more, cross-universe messaging has been enabled, meaning you can chat to players and guilds from different worlds and even message player who aren’t currently playing the game through different channels.

Crafting and resource gathering has also received some tweaks and boosts, and there are some additions to the User Interface and Heads-up display.

The full patch notes can be seen here and are well worth a read.

Boundless is available now on Steam and PS4.


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