Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 launches August 5, next COD could be announced through mid season event

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 will launch tomorrow with the update available to pre-load now.

Season 5 features new multiplayer maps Petrov Oil Rig and Suldal Harbor. There’s also a Ground War and Gunfight Livestock Map and map updates to Warzone favourites.

There’s a train and train station interior, as well as an opened up stadium and exterior ascenders.

New weapons include the AN-94 and ISO, with Lerch as a new operator, Search and Destroy Double Down as a new Multiplayer Mode and extra Warzone Updates.

These include Juggernaut Drops, Mini Royal mode and Mastery Challenges.

That’s just launch week, though, with much more coming in-Season, including two more multiplayer modes, more new weapons, updates, another new operator and a midseason event.

This one is interesting as, at this point, COD 2020 has yet to be officially announced by Activision but we now know for definite it’s a real game that’s happening.

During Activision’s Second Quarter Earnings Call today, the publisher confirmed that both Treyarch and Raven Software are working on the game and it’s planned for release later this year, release touted for October.

Widely reported to be a Black Ops branded Call of Duty game – the subtitle of Cold War speculated – the next COD is said to have a campaign set in Germany, Russia, and Vietnam.

WIth the game yet to be officially shown off and with 2020 rapidly coming to a close, VGC have a report which suggests Activision will actually reveal the game to players during their latest Warzone season.

This would make sense as VGC goes further to suggest that Warzone content will merge together with Black Ops down the line, a series first.

So, let’s just say Season 5 could be very interesting for multiple reasons. Keep both eyes peeled.

(Sources: VGC)

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