Titanfall Expedition DLC releases in May

The first details of the first Titanfall DLC pack have come to light at PAX East. Titanfall Expedition DLC releases in May. The pack will introduce three brand new maps to the game: Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames. Swamplands, in particular, supports the game’s free-running option, allowing them to jump between…


Bioshock Infinite – Season Pass Review

Bioshock Infinite Season Pass Review Developer: Irrational Games Release Date: Out now Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Version Tested: Xbox 360 Price: $19.99 or £11.99 (Once all the content in a Season Pass has been released, we will pool together all our reviews and give you our final analysis. Once we’ve got the scores together,…


Warframe Update 13 Goes Live

  Warframe Update 13 Goes Live The eagerly anticipated Update 13:Dark Sectors for the popular third person shooter/slasher from Digital Extremes  is finally live and now available for download. This latest update for Warframe looks to answer many of the desires and requests of the thriving Warframe community. Having paid close…

Content Update

Arma 3 gets free Zeus DLC

Arma 3 received a free update today, entitled Zeus. This free DLC puts players in the shoes of Game Master (no, not the monocole-wearing Star Gazer!) – This allows you to view the battlefield from a birds-eye view and manipulate a multiplayer scenario in real-time. As editor, you can spawn…

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