Why are scores so important?

Every Saturday, I sit drinking decaff* coffee and reading the Guardian** with my wife. Generally, weekends are super busy with three highly sporty daughters – GB trials last week and next! – and there is little opportunity for gaming. Such is family life. I’d give weekends a solid 7 out…


Contrast PS4 Patch Review

Contrast is still available to Playstation Plus subscribers for Playstation 4 – though it leaves on January 7th. The game is also available on Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360. We liked what we played but unfortunately the game suffered a few issues on the PS4 build and was in…


Best Indie Games of 2013

My sincere apologies for the delay of this month’s indie column, but I have been struck down with the plague (well, no, just the usual pre-Christmas sickness, but close enough). In any case, better late than never eh? As a special treat this month, I have compiled a list of…


Democracy3 Impressions

  If I asked if you’d like to run a Country, you’d probably begin wondering what evil schemes as an omnipresent dictator you could accomplish, all while twiddling your waxed moustache. Now imagine you got to play by the rules and your entire dictator-like dreams mean nothing as you’re worrying…


PS Vita To Take On The Living Room!

Sony has announced the Vita TV – a new take on the already available PS Vita. It brings portable gaming and media to people’s living rooms.  Measuring only 6.5cm by 10.5cm, the small, screen-less system keeps the portable size of the Vita while offering entertainment, not just from the Vita…

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