Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Expansion due 2019

A second expansion for Civilization VI – entitled Gathering Storm – will release on February 14th for PC.

This follows the recent appearance of Civ VI on Nintendo Switch and will add natural disasters to the base game as well as new civilizations, base leaders, and much, much more.

Firaxis lifted the lid on the new expansion during a livestream last night, revealing the new feature-set coming to the base game. Your cities can now be flooded, there are volcanos around you which can go off at any moment, putting more responsibility on the player to acknowledge the planet’s eco-system.

This can be achieved using new renewable energy sources, but it can also be used tactically in multiplayer – I:E If you chop trees near an enemy city, that can have a detrimental impact on their game.

A new World Congress system has also been added, enabling you to curry global favour with other leaders, then cash that in for numerous benefits.

It’s certainly a gamechanging expansion and one we cannot wait to learn more about.

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm releases February 14th on PC for £35. No word as yet whether Switch / Mobile will get both this expansion and Rise & Fall.

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