Control’s The Foundation DLC to be a three month exclusive on PS4 and PC, Xbox One owners receive June 25

Remedy’s Control will get its first DLC next week and it’s confirmed to be a timed PS4 and PC exclusive for three months.

With the release of a new trailer today, we now have an idea of the release schedule, as well as our first glimpse of in-game action.

It seems Marshall went off the grid in the base game because she had orders from Director Trench, The Foundation will explore exactly what those orders are. Meanwhile, Jesse gets to use her abilities and fight off all sorts of minions and monsters while trying to find her.

Including a real big bad right at the end of the trailer which brings out the goosebumps. Phew!

We did know that PS4 owners would get some timed exclusivity with the first Control DLC, but the three month timespan is a little surprising. It had been speculated that Control would appear on Xbox GamePass over the Christmas period, but just recently Sony showed the game off on their own PS NOW service.

Epic Game Store owners will also get The Foundation on March 26. There is no word on the Steam release.

It’s unclear what will happen with the AWE DLC later this year, whether that will also be subject to some form of exclusivity, but today’s announcement has certainly taken some people by surprise.

The Foundation launches on PS4 and Epic Games Store on March 26, with Xbox One owners receiving it on June 25.


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