Could the Redguard be coming to Skyrim?

If a trademark acquisition from Zenimax is to be believed, the Redguard of Hammerfell could be stars of Skyrim’s next DLC.

Zenimax acquired the trademark back in March 2011, and have the opportunity to renew it again (as they did back in August). However, the license will run out next month if they choose to do nothing. Naturally, this has sent speculation into overdrive. Not helped by Bethesda saying they have more exciting Skyrim news to share in 2013.

Pretty, colourful maps

Pretty, colorful maps

The nation of Redguards hail from Hammerfell,a  neighbouring continent of Skyrim and Cyrodiil (thanks to Daniel Morse for the spot), so this would make sense in terms of geographical development and story. There’s been some speculation that the add-on could be focused around the city of Dragonstar on Hammerfell’s border with Skyrim. A city, currently, unused on the game’s map.

Whatever happens, we’re all pretty excited to see what Bethesda have in store for us. We love a good adventure.

(Source: OXM)

(Update: Changed text. Had initially identified neighbouring continent incorrectly.)

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