Crash Team Racing Back N. Time Grand Prix Season starts August 2, Pit Stop adds Microtransactions

With the conclusion of one season, Crash Team Racing is about to get another with a major new update.

Beginning this Friday, the Back N. Time Grand Prix can be downloaded for free if you already own the game.

This will be a throwback to a Prehistoric era and will add more new characters, skins, karts and, of course, the Prehistoric Playground track.

Interestingly, though, microtransactions will be added to the game in the coming days, giving you an option to buy Wumpa Coins.

Wumpa Coins are used to buy new characters and cosmetics, and they can be gathered and collected in game. However, Activision are giving you an option to speed up the process if you want to.

New additions to the store will include tiny versions of Crash and Coco, as well as some new Kart customisations.

Where it gets a little controversial is that Wumpa Coin payouts were just nerfed slightly in the recent patch. Almost as if they knew this was coming, right?

But on the plus side, this new update will also add some new challenges and rewards.

Read all about the changes right here.

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