After yesterday’s disappointment, I decided to take it a bit easier and spend most of my time in training, then when I’m ready I’ll take the big test.

I actually found I enjoyed the game a lot more when I was just sprawled out on my sofa, solving Sudoku puzzles and playing music. It can be really therapeutic.

In the spirit of that, I also decided not to ‘read aloud’ but rather read to myself, and let’s just say I’m a much faster reader than speaker. I ended up at 9.7 syllables per second. Comparatively, my fastest speaking has been 6.1 syllables.

For reference, my first readthrough was 29.04 seconds compared to 19.08 seconds in the second.

I did get some decent times as well. 1 min 21.76 on Calculations x25, then I got my fastest time on Dual Task – 56.71 Seconds.

Pomp and Circumstance was today’s musical number on Masterpiece Recital and I got 64 points, missing 17 notes. Same as last time.

I ended on a Sudoku puzzle where I clocked up 38 mins 40.95 seconds. I seem to make that one mistake every time. Frustrating, but still enjoyable.

Because I’d stamped five pages, the game also gave me a new mini game to enjoy – Finger Calculations. This one also uses the IR Camera in the JoyCon and so it was a nice way to test how effective it is. Basically, the game gives you a calculation to figure out and you have to make the correct hand gesture.

This was sort of better than my experience yesterday, though it does seem to have some difficulty in registering and picking me up sometimes. Still, far better than yesterday’s mess. I got 1 min 23.76.

Alright, fine, let’s get this over with…

Brain Age Test

Today’s first exercise was the Highest Number. After doing Dual Task, this felt like a breeze today and I smashed through it in 45.61 seconds. Strong start.

I then had Calculations x25, which is, again, something else I’ve done today. I came out at 1 min 21.70, around the same time I got earlier on Calculations. Based on yesterday’s results, though, I know this isn’t anywhere near good enough.

Finally, I got the dreaded 5×5 number memory grid. This is so difficult, remembering where the numbers are placed on the grid, but I still got my best score of 9/25.

I already know this won’t be great, but I wasn’t expecting to get lumped with a Brain Age of 68 again, especially after my first exercise. At least it’s consistent, right?

I’m conflicted, today was probably the most fun I’ve had on Brain Training, but it was also one of the most frustrating. Despite all the training, I’ve somehow massively regressed.

Perhaps I’m doing it too late in the day? Currently around 1pm. Perhaps I’m training too hard? Maybe I need to tone it down. Maybe none of it matters and I’ll have to deal with the combination of unfair games and my own lack of ability. I’m not sure.

With only two days left, I’m really not sure what kind of score I’ll end up with. This has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotion, I know that much!

Current Brain Age – 68

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