F1 2016 1.7 introduces Master Difficulty to Career and Championship Season

A significant update has just gone live for F1 2016, adding a Master Difficulty option to new Career and Championship seasons. For those who aren’t being challenged enough, this might be the update you’ve been waiting for.

There are also a series of other bug fixes and updates which improve the overall experience. Here’s the full changelog.

  • Added the Master difficulty option when starting a new Career and Championship Season.
  • Fixed a bug that could give players who rejoin a multiplayer session the wrong tyres.
  • All cars now use the same gearbox when playing with Equal Performance.
  • Nvidia Scalable Link Interface (SLI) performance improvements.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.

Interestingly, the team have also been in touch with Nvidia in regards to a shadow corruption bug that’s been identified while playing the game on PC with SLI and have found some potential solutions.

Check out these workarounds and see if they help you bypass the lingering problem.

1. Have the full speed increase, but live with the potential of occasional shadow corruption.
2. If you do see the issue you can limit your FPS to reduce its frequency and potentially prevent the problem altogether.
3. If neither of these solve the problem, turn off SLI to stop the issue from occurring.

F1 2016 recently released on iOS, with an Android version to follow and has been getting some rave reviews.


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