Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC Trophies Leaked

Dead Living Zombies can’t catch a break, first we see the assets ahead of time and now the trophies have trickled out as well.

To make matters worse, the Dead Living Zombies DLC was briefly available to download on Xbox One before Microsoft took it down. Sadly, we weren’t fast enough.

The final DLC for Far Cry 5 will have 7 trophies in total with 4 of them hidden. From the trophies, we can see that the game will involve 7 different movie pitches where you can earn gold medals through a ‘Score Attack’ but there will also be various types of zombie, including ‘Gougers’ ‘Hot Heads’ and ‘Behemoths’.

See the full list below.

DLC: Zombies: ReZeolution (Bronze)
Complete all 7 movie pitches

DLC: Zombies: Deceazed to ExZist (Silver)
Kill 5,000 total Gougers, Hot Heads, or Behemoths in any Mode

DLC: Zombies: Gold Medalizt (Gold)
Get a gold medal in all 7 movie pitches in Score Attack

Hidden Trophy x 4 (Bronze)

If the Xbox leak is to be believed, Dead Living Zombies is scheduled to release on August 28th. Though something tells me it may be a bit earlier.


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