Final Fantasy XV New Legacies Video relives all of our childhoods

Final Fantasy XV is just a few weeks away, which is still incredibly hard to believe and process. And while XIII has proven to be quite divisive among the wider community, based on everything we’ve seen, heard, and played, this looks like a real return to form.

There are all kinds of crazy things happening to celebrate, but our favourite is this incredible Final Fantasy Legacies video, documenting what the series means to the voice actors, key figures in the industry, and even the super cool Xavier Woods from Up, Up, Down, Down.


I identified with a lot of the stories in this video because I grew up a fairly isolated kid who was often bullied and tormented. At one point, I didn’t want to leave the house because I was convinced I had no place in the world. I actually started to believe that nothing could make me happier or compare to staying within the four walls of my own room, exploring fantastical realms and unravelling deeply-layered stories.

Final Fantasy was that initial escapism for me, and playing them was a long, drawn-out event that I never wanted to end. Ironically, it was these games which helped build my social confidence, develop my understanding of how to live in a world, and finally find a place in my life for reality as well as fantasy.

Suffice it to say, Final Fantasy XV is going to be an experience for me.

Do you have any Final Fantasy Memories? Let us know in the comment section below.

Final Fantasy XV will get here on November 29th, along with a pretty epic sounding Season Pass.

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