Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC will be spin off content, ‘Lunatic’ Difficulty coming as Free Update

First details on the Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC have emerged and it seems there’s lots of content planned.

In a recent interview with Famitsu which was translated by Nintendo Everything, Genki Yokota from Nintendo confirmed that you’ll be able to change uniform of other students, not just the main character.

In a future free update, there will also be a new ‘Lunatic’ Difficulty, though he didn’t offer a timeframe for that.

Most interestingly, Yokota revealed that the additional episodes wouldn’t directly impact the main game, but be self-contained stories that spin-off from it.

That said, they may contain some brand new characters.

These will be spin-offs that won’t affect the main story or the post-game either. We’re also thinking about introducing some new characters. We’re talking something fairly big here, so I think fans might have to wait a while.

The Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Pass is now available for $24.99 and will include.

  • Additional Story Content
  • Additional Auxiliary Battles
  • Additional Items
  • Additional Quests
  • New Attire

Credit – Famitsu, Nintendo Everything

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