Fire Pro Wrestling World Parts Craft DLC opens PS4 up to the arts

A cool new DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World has opened the game up in an incredible new way.

A big part of the success of the Fire Pro games has been its expansive mod culture and the Parts Craft DLC lets PS4 owners get a step closer to that.

You can now export wrestler part data to your PC, then edit and share it on FPW Net as custom edit parts.

The DLC itself is apparently similar to developer tools, so there is supposedly a steep learning curve involved.

You will also need separate image editing software to edit the exported data.

There are also layout templates available from the Spike Chunsoft homepage.

It should also be noted that you can’t use edited wrestlers with custom parts during online matches.

PS4 owners have been enjoying editing and tweaking content thanks to Dreams, and it now seems other games are capitalising on that.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Parts Craft DLC is now available for £24.99.

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