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Twitter: @danfbridge

I’m working 😉 *cough* utterly amazed by it. I also got to see Vice City being dev’d in their NY office, this is a revolution

I’m currently driving around vinewood hills, grinning at the brilliance of the detail. Gaming genius!

I spent a month in Hollywood hills last summer, this is like being back there – without the terrible jetlag!

first 50 mins already more fun that GTA4 and the real genius is not the art but the radio

last comment, I feel oddly more inclined to be moral! the switching between the two characters makes the story feels less ghettoised, so much more sophisticated, real so your actions feel more impactful, basically I’m not carjacking as much!

Twitter: @DSWadeson

I think it’s incredible, gritty and enjoys world building on an unprecedented scale. I plan to buy it next month.

Facebook: Adam Maybe Kennard

Playing it at the moment, I just like running around and punching people. nuf said

Facebook: Bell The Destroyer

I haven’t played since the top down GTA (1), it was silly then and it’s silly now. Piffle to it.

Facebook: Tee Jay Moss

I’m not all that far into the game yet, but so far I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. The fact that the world is so incredibly huge with all kinds of extra things to do (like Golf or Tennis) besides the main missions make it quite exciting. Also, opening tutorial was incredible (without giving spoilers).

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