SimCity Is Going Where No City Has Been Before…. The Future!

SimCity creators, Maxis, announced the details for the first expansion pack for the somewhat troubled city building game. But maybe a leap into the future will work toward eliminating some of those unhappy memories from the games initial launch. Coming November the 15th the ‘Cities of the Future Pack‘players will be able to drag their cities 50 years into the future, transforming them into either a futuristic metropolis or an over industrialised Sci-Fi neo nightmare!…. It’s your choice.

Are you going to make Bladerunner or your own utopian paradise?

New features to the game include two new city specialisations, offering you the choice of either building a mega corp through a “Low wealth work force” or a utopian society of clean technology controlled by the mega rich. New city features such as Mono-rails and garbage atomizers and wave power generators will really make tomorrow’s world feel all the more real for your cities populus.


It’s not all plain sailing in the future however as new challenges brought in the expansion will mean dealing with the effects of Strip mining, rampant consumerism and of course what science fiction future wouldn’t be complete without an attack from a giant space robot or alien every once and awhile?

The expansion will be available for PC and MAC at $30 when it launches on November the 30th. Make sure you check back with ExpansiveDLC where we’ll be offering you our opinion on what the future has in store to for us?

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