Indivisble Razmi’s Challenges DLC now available on most platforms

The first DLC has launched for the rather excellent Indivisible as you can now try Razmi’s Challenges.

The premium content can be picked up on all formats, except for Nintendo Switch – that launches at the end of May.

Forty new levels have been added in this DLC which has been designed to challenge both platform and combat skills.

New abilities have been added, and you’ll have to use pre-selected abilities in order to succeed.

Indivisible is a great action RPG which came out towards the end of last year, with an infectious art style and great gameplay hook.

The recent Switch version has drawn a lot of criticism as neither the developer, nor 505 were aware it had released on the eShop and it’s in poor shape.

Apparently, this was a technical error, and it seems an update is imminent to improve many of the complaints.

Razmi’s Challenge costs $7.99 and is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox ONe.

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