Leaderboards introduced into Guild Wars 2

As part of the Flame & Frost: The Razing update which was released back in late March, leaderboards had to wait a few weeks to allow them to be tested in the game and have not been visible to players.

As of today, that’s changed.

PvP, WvW and Achievements will all receive their own leaderboards each displaying the rankings for that category. The PvP and Achievements leaderboards will display the top 100 players and the WvW leaderboards will display the EU and US rankings.

Nate Long, a web programmer at ArenaNet explains in this post how the leaderboards work.

PvP is ordered by PvP rating and the data for this is based on single-round tournament play. This excludes three-round tournaments and public matches. Players will also be required to play 10 matches to appear on the leaderboard. The different metrics that are displayed are as follows:

  • Rank – Current position in standings based on PvP rating
  • Wins – Total ranked PvP match wins
  • Losses – Total ranked PvP match losses
  • Win Percentage – Percentage of ranked PvP match wins out of total ranked PvP matches played

WvW leaderboards have been avaible on the Guild Wars’ 2 forums for some time now, but a large majority of players were not aware of them. The leaderboard will update once a week with the new WvW rankings on both the EU and US server and will display the follow metrics:

  • Rank – Current position in standings based on world’s rating
  • Rating – World rating based on our implementation of the Glicko-2 algorithm
  • Deviation – Degree of certainty for the current rating. Higher number means more confidence in the rating.
  • Volatility – Degree of expected fluctuation in rating. Lower numbers indicate stable ratings, while higher indicate erratic behavior.

Achievements are the easiest explained out of all the leaderboards as they display total achievement scores of players. ArenaNet haven’t set a time period for when this will be updated but have promised it will be updated “fairly often”.

There are already plans in place to expand this addition to the game, but it’s fair to say that the foundations are already pretty exciting.

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