League: New champion reveal! Jinx, the Loose Cannon!

So! After a nice little build up with some vandalised Champion pages, Riot has now announced the next champion to be revealed. Jinx, the Loose Cannon appears to be a mix between Ziggs, everyone’s favourite little Bomb-Rat, and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

Combining a slew of zappy, bang-y and kaboom-y abilities, Jinx appears to be an ADC with rather…Uhm…Anarchistic tendencies. Being able to switch between a Minigun to riddle your foes with bullets, and a rocket launcher that lets you rain death from afar, allowing you to clear out minions and harass enemies with ease. And that’s just one ability! Her ability to taze people is definitely the “Shock” part of her Shock and Awe tactic, slowing and damaging the first enemy it hits. The next ability of hers certainly compliments her rather fire-y nature, throwing out a line of grenades. After a few seconds, they’ll explode and set fire to any enemy they hit. Should someone unfortunately wander over one of these grenades, they’ll find one suddenly biting down on their feet and leaving them without… A leg to stand on.

Jinx’s “Piece de resistance” is a veritable Red Button, in terms of explosive firepower. The aptly named “Super Mega Death Rocket” does exactly what it says on the tin. It deals out Super Mega Death to whoever it hits. It’s ability to charge through the map like Ashe’s Crystal Arrow, gathering speed and power the longer it travels, will spell certain doom to whoever it encounters. The first enemy that comes into contact with it, will be left hastily recalling home. That is, if they’re left standing at all. This tool of destruction is the perfect ability to use to snipe down someone recalling behind their turret, or to help out in a team fight you’re too far away to jump into. Is the enemy trying to take an early Baron? No problems there, send the Super Mega Death Rocket their way, and you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with a kill. Did I mention that this thing will deal a lovely amount of splash damage too? A couple well placed Mega Rockets later, and you’ll have most enemies jump into a Team Fight rather nervously.

To top it all off, Jinx’s passive will make you one hell of a cleaner. Every kill or destroyed turret will cause you to get a speed-boost so powerful, it’ll make steroids look like a placebo. One kill will let you chase to your heart’s content, but it’s beauty lies in your ability to mow down a turret with your minigun, and then quickly make a mad dash to the other side of the map to do the same, or to jump straight into a team-fight. You’ll have everyone shouting “HAX!” after instantly appearing at Baron, after taking out bot lane’s outer turret.

So, this hell-bent anarchist of destruction looks promising. But then again, Lucian looked promising. I for one, am just hoping we won’t have to wait the same amount of time for the Loose Cannon as we did for the Purifier. I didn’t just Jinx it, did I? Cheaply made puns aside (And I do apologise for the sheer amount I’ve made in this post), this is one champion I’m eagerly awaiting. Let me know what you chaps think about this in the comments below. Or feel free to make a few puns of your own!

Trilby, Out.

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A gamer who primarily plays League of Legends, Minecraft and anything he can get his hands on, for Steam. In League of Legends, his preferred champions are Fiddlesticks, Kennen and Thresh.
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