Thief: The Bank Heist Pre-Order DLC

To be honest much of what we’ve seen from Square Enix’s addition to the long running Thief series has involved much, well thievery.  From most promotional shots and trailers that have been issued thus far we’ve been treated to our supposed thief, skulking in the shadows in order to break some poor victorian guards neck. Well some good and honest thievery comes in the form of the Bank Heist, the new Pre-order DLC bonus announced by Square.


For all those who pre-order  Thief before It’s release next year on February the 28th will receive the The Bank Heist, players will have to break into the games most secure location the Stonemarket First Bank (sure does sound secure!) in order to steal a precious family heirloom, the coveted “Star of Auldale” . Supposedly this place is meant to be nigh on impregnable. However surely we can put that to the test?

In this complete homage to the Bank Mission that was so popular from Thief II: The Metal Age you’ll be able to search through the bank pilfering all of it’s unique loot, so long as you can outsmart security measure you won’t be finding anywhere else in this game.

Is this enough to get you to lay down you’re money early for the game?

Thief will be available for both current and next-gen systems and Windows PC come it’s release on February the 28th.

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