Monster Hunter World Spring Update crawls out March 22

Monster Hunter Worlds’ first major title update goes live March 22 and adds Deviljho plus much more.

During a livestream today, Capcom offered a first look at the post launch content for their runaway hit, Monster Hunter World. The Spring update on March 22 adds the long awaited Deviljho, as well as weapon rebalancing and gameplay tweaks.

Deviljho will pop up in six and seven-star quests, as well as high level expeditions, though you will need to fulfil certain conditions in order to fight it.

As expected, there will be a unique set of weapons and two Vangis armor sets. Also, as of tomorrow, a new update will enable you to change the look of your character and palico. You can do this once for free, but after that the game will charge you.

April 6 to 19th also adds the Spring Blossom Festival which unlocks all of the prior event quests as well as double login tickets. Naturally, there’ll be new weapons, armor and fireworks to unlock as well.

Lots to come, then, because we also found out it’s crossing over with Devil May Cry, this week!


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