Negan and Julia now available for Tekken 7 as DLC

You can now pick up The Walking Dead’s Negan and Tekken fan-favourite Julia Change as standalone DLC for Tekken 7.

Also available as part of the Season Pass 2, you can get Negan and Lucille for £6.49 and Julia for £4.99

The characters couldn’t be more of a contrast, really. Julia is a spokeswoman for a reforestation program, very much attuned to nature, while Negan uses a wooden bat coated in barbed wire to cave people’s skulls in. So there’s that.

Julia is versed in Xin Yi Liu, He Quan, and Baji Quan fighting styles, dazzling and overwhelming opponents with athletics and acrobatics.

Negan is more of a streetfighter, though. Leading the Saviours, he just likes to dish out punishment and take advantage of his enemies when they’re most vulnerable.

Incidentally, Negan is also playable in the new Ultimate Tekken Bowl mode.

Both DLCs are available now, rounding out Tekken 7’s latest Season Pass.

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