New War of the Roses Patch Removes Push Damage

The latest patch notes for War of the Roses have been announced

Players learned about the patch on the official forum. After player feedback, the damage given when pushed has been removed after it was used to bash players to death rather than being used for its intended purpose of parrying opponents away.

Feathers and Plumes also make a return to the profile editor after originally being removed, and modifications have been made to the rate at which players earn gold and experience.

The full patch is listed below:

  • Heads and Helmet Patterns can now be previewed
  • Increased the damage over time of Barbed and Swallowtail arrows
  • Push damage has been removed
  • Fixed a bug that was causing reduced Coin and XP gains. There will be compensation for this issue later this week.
  • Fixed an issue where Galloglass Long Axe was not purchasable
  • Feathers and Plumes are now back in the profile editor
  • Fixed a bug where Coat of Arms textures were being incorrectly alligned
  • Removed a duplicate armour pattern
  • Coins and XP are now earn-able with less than eight players.

The patch is 200mb and is available to download when loading up the game.


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