Nintendo confirm handheld only Switch Lite, multiple colours and Pokémon special edition announced

Long rumoured, now confirmed, Nintendo have lifted the lid on Switch Lite.

Coming September 20th, it’ll release for $199.99 and is being targeted as a successor to the 3DS. I guess this finally answers our question.

There will be three different colours at launch – Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise – but Nintendo have also confirmed a Pokémon Sword and Shield Special Edition in November.

At a cheaper price point, of course, there are some big changes and omissions. The big one is that Switch Lite won’t be playable on TV as there’s no dock.

Significant also is that there are no detachable Joy-Cons, there will be a proper D-Pad on the left side and there is no HD Rumble or IR Camera support.

That means you won’t be able to play games like 1-2 Switch or, indeed, any of the Labo Kits.

Switch Lite will be able to play handheld only games and is lighter than the original Switch at .61 lbs as opposed to .88lbs. The depth remains the same at .55 inches.

To accommodate a more handheld focus, the touchscreen is also smaller at 5.5 inches as opposed to 6.2 inches. However, Switch lite has a much longer battery life, from around 3 to 7 hours.

Other details include a more efficient processor, removal of the Kickstand, and smaller heat vents at the top. It will have 32GB internal storage and still have a microSD card slot.

You will also be able to sync wireless controllers, play using local wireless, and online play.

NOA Preisdent Doug Bowser has also revealed that ‘you will have the ability to transfer between devices’ in an interview with CNET.

A ‘Switch Pro’ console has also been heavily rumoured and could emerge as soon as next year.


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