Payday 2 Gage Mod Courier DLC releases today

The fourth DLC for Payday 2 releases today on Steam. Gage Mod Courier is available now and retails for $4.99

This is a big one for fans. The pack has a whopping 28 gun modifications which can be used with all existing mods in game. Each of these mods can be picked up in packages during heists. The devs describe this as the player actually acting like a courier for Gage, adding a whole new dynamic to the game. Gather enough packages of a certain type and you will trade those for powerful weapon modifications with Gage the arms dealer.

There are five types of packages to find and they’re ordered by the value of their contents, ranging from Green Mantis packages to the Purple Snake ones.

The 28 weapon types vary, from rail mounts to a Bronco revolver that could make a pocket sniper rifle.

The DLC also adds a useful reticle switch functionality that lets you to customise the look and color of all your mounted sighting devices. Get four different reticles for free and a total of 10 reticles if you buy the DLC!

Sounds interesting.

10 achievements have also been added to the game just in case you needed any added incentive.

Fancy it? You can grab it right here

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