Playstation 3 gets console exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC

One of 2012’s biggest games will get expanded later this month, but not for Xbox 360 owners.

High Tides picks up where the co-op campaign of Far Cry 3 ends. Players will once again jump into the shoes of Leonard, Tisha, Mikhail and Callum during their, as Ubisoft have described it, ‘final moments’. Naturally, we’re assuming the worst.

No Xbox, this is not for you!

No, Xbox, this is not for you!

There will be two new chapters in High Tides; Jailbreak and Redemption, and Ubisoft have said that the new missions are ‘the best of the best’. They tell players to expect ‘tough battles’ and lots of ‘explosive moments’.

The announcement comes directly from Playstation’s blog, where Sony have categorically stated that High Tides is ‘exclusively on PS3 for console gamers.’ This is probably the biggest exclusive Playstation 3 had had over their Xbox rivals, since the launch of both systems. Far Cry 3 has been collecting many Game of the Year awards since its release back in November, and many gamers are chomping at the bit for more content.

The announcement does leave one to wonder if a PC version of High Tides will be announced at some point. While that’s neither been confirmed or denied, one thing is for sure, 360 owners are going to be left wanting. At least, for the time being.

High Tides is scheduled for release later this month, but there is no confirmation on pricing, nor a solid release date as yet.

(Source: Playstation Blog)

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