Pokémon GO crossing over with Detective Pikachu from May 7

You’ll finally be able to get Pikachu with a Detective hat with a brand new Pokémon GO update.

From tomorrow, the plucky detective will begin photobombing you when using Snapshot, giving you a chance to catch him.

The Detective Pikachu themed event will also add new avatar items to purchase from the store, including a T-Shirt and Pikachu hat.

And you’ll have increased encounters with Pokémon seen in the film like Jigglypuff, Snubbull, Bulbasaur and Psyduck.

Perhaps the biggest story, though, is the new Field Research and Special Raid Battles. Shiny Apom has also been confirmed to be added into the game and will be available from tomorrow.

No word on what these are yet but the trailer hints at Charizard, Gengar, Snorlax, Machamp, and Lickytongue.

The event will run until May 17th.


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