Pokken Tournament DX Blastoise DLC footage shown at Spring Fist Tournament

Pokken Tournament DX has already received Aegislash, Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as part of a DLC Battle Pack and now Blastoise is set to follow.

At the Spring Fist Tournament in Japan on 17th, there was some world exclusive footage of the brand new fighter in all of his glory and he’s starting to look mightily impressive.

Though, I must say the model looks a little stunted and stiff when compared to previous iterations of the mighty blue cannon-blaster.

He leaps around using water jets for vertical leaps, as well as spinning shell attacks, upward strikes, skids, and water breathing. Looks pretty effective if you ask me.

Blastoise, as always, is supported by Mew and Celebi, and is a mid-ranged fighter that can move away from his enemies quickly if in trouble. He’s also going to be an absolute beast to take down due to his massive health bar.

Check out the full footage embedded below and get yourself psyched for when Blastoise appears on March 23.



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