Prey Moon DLC to be revealed at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase?

We reported a few weeks back that some Prey DLC – or maybe even a sequel – could be on the way. Now we’ve got a new clue which tells us when we might find out more.

Arkane’s latest project seems to hint at an expansion on the moon and in the latest tweet from Arkane Studios, we reckon we’ll learn more at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase on June 10th.

We absolutely loved Prey and cannot wait to see the future of the franchise.

This would make a lot of sense considering Bethesda has typically used the event to announce their latest projects over the last few years. Last year, for instance, was the first time we saw Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Simply labelled, ‘Good morning, Morgan…’ the quote which opens Prey, this is the latest tweet from Arkane Studios.


Two hints in particular are worth examining in this picture. First, the woman in the front row holding up a calender. Guess which month it’s turned to? June 2018.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the whiteboard behind the team is a little more … precise.

Quite conclusive, right? But that’s not the only interesting thing on the whiteboard. The words ‘Moon’ ‘Kosma Corp’ and ‘Moonshark’ are quite clearly visible.

Moon is pretty solid confirmation that Prey is going to the moon if added up with this.

Moonshark could be hinting at a new typhon or something else entirely and Kosma Corp, as we know, is a rival organisation of TranStar.

Look further, and you can make out a word that looks like Landi with a triangle next to it as well as a question ‘What about Peter?’ – This DLC is certainly throwing up a lot of questions and we hope to get some answers at E3!

**Some mild spoilers for Prey to follow**

We assume this relates to Peter Coleman who is discovered dead by Morgan during the game. It is speculated that he has been killed by a Mimic due to his face disfigurement and before he died he sent a science operator to Penny Tennyson as a ‘gift’ which we learn about in an email. In the email, Peter is concerned for Penny’s safety and asks if there’s something wrong with her tracking bracelet. He also hears about an accident in the Cargo Bay.

Interestingly, Peter had tasked Penny with gathering solar energy readings around Talos to ‘validate shielding efficiency’. Penny also wants to know if he’s running any particle processes to which Peter replies and says he is running a variety of processes which could influence the data.

We assume that, somehow, the content could be related to him. Perhaps a prequel, or maybe his ‘processes’ had a bigger impact on the nature of the game than we first realised.

More on this story as we get it.

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