RUNE II Decapitation Edition gets tons of fixes and offers free Wolf DLC

The RUNE II team have been hard at work and put together a new update which includes some free DLC.

Hotfix 2.0.18927 includes features like new Kybindings, a remapping of the Controller, Universal Characters and more.

The new update allows for pre-existing campaign characters to convert to universal characters which can be added into hosted games by friends. There’s even some new character slots to use.

There are fixed inputs for keybindings and the ability to remap gamepad buttons, and there’s also updatest to the User Interface, campaign improvements and multiplayer tweaks.

But best of all, players have been given free Wolf Gear and Weapons DLC with this update. Available as an in-game recipe, you can forge a Wolf Hood, a mighty Iron Wolf Shield and a mace.

The new update and the Wolf DLC is available now.

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