Secret of Mana Remake now available for PS4, Vita and Steam

A full remake of SNES classic Secret of Mana is now available for PS4, PC and believe it or not, Playstation Vita.

Distributed through Sqaure Enix, Secret of Mana is a remaster of the 1993 original, reimagining the experience for a modern day audience. This includes additions to the single player story and offline multiplayer features.

The graphics are now rendered in 3D and voice overs have been added to give new personality and life to the characters. There’s also a remastered and rearranged soundtrack, with a new arrangement of the classic ‘Fear of the Heavens’ but you can play with the original score should you prefer.

There are also new Interlude episodes which add new narrative scenes and presentation, filling out the world of Mana. Finally, some of the gameplay has been tweaked to add new features and systems suited to a modern day gamer.

Check out the trailer and the full game which can be purchased for £29.99

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