Shantae: Half Genie Hero Costume Pack DLC releases April 10th

The final DLC pack for Shantae: Half Genie Hero will release on April 10th and provide three new costumes.

Each one changes the nature of gameplay in cool, quirky new ways. These aren’t your traditional cosmetic additions, adding unique What-If scenarios, as well as new voice acting, moves, and artwork.

The first, Ninja Master, will have Shantae bouncing between walls, throwing ninja stars and teleporting around at super speed.

Next up, Beach Mode has Shantae taking a bit of a breather on the Very Best Beach, and you’ll get to play with the Half Genie Hero in her swimsuit. However, she’ll also use a beach ball attack for ranged targets and a new dancing move has her flying through the air.

However, the sun will burn her and overtime she’ll heat up, taking burn damage. To help, you’ll need to find suncream and also help her cool off by jumping in the water. Though, you know, don’t try that one for real.

Finally, there’s a long-awaited crossover with Nintendo hit, Mighty Switch Force with Shantae dressing up like Patricia Wagon.

Shantae will be able to use the Siren Helmet to Switch Up blocks on each stage, as well as control the position of the blocks, allowing her to solve puzzles. And instead of her ponytail attack, Shantae can use the vintage Pellet Gun which can be upgraded.

The pack looks fantastic, really seeing Shantae out with a bang and will release on April 10th

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