Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith expansion now available

The next major expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available.

Legacy of the Sith celebrates the tenth anniversary of the game with a brand new storyline and a host new customisation and quality of life features.

New content will run through 2022 with new events and updates as players are introduced to new Jedi Padawan, Sa’har Kateen, in a battle against Darth Malgus.

The level cap has now been raised to 80 and players will be able to visit Manaan, an aquatic planet, as well as take on collaborative missions, and visit a ruined Sith Fortress.

New combat styles have also been added, letting you choose a specific origin story, and new loadouts increase customisation options even further.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith is now available on PC.

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