Stranded – Experience the first ten minutes with us

We’re trying something a bit different on Expansive. We’re starting to produce video content that allows the viewer to watch us play a game for the very first time with reactive commentary.

Essentially it’s a fresh experience of a game’s opening ten minutes for both the player and the viewer and it serves as a variation of a preview before a final Overview goes on the site. Generally the commentary will pick up some initial observations of the game, how it handles technically, what we like about the overall experience, but it also allows allows the viewer to see if this is something they might be interested in. It could be dynamic and exciting because the reviewer has no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going and that can lead to some unexpected consequences. Or it could be a complete disaster. Fortunately, this one didn’t turn out too badly.

It isn’t going to work for every game and with this being the first, it is a format that could probably be adapted and changed, but we wanted to get a video out to trial and see what people think. We had a lot of fun putting it together and we will be trying some other games soon, but for now, this is us checking out brand new indie game, Stranded, from Peter Moorhead. It’s a traditional point and click adventure but very different from anything that has come before it. We even got a Lutricia McNeill reference in there. See if you guess how we slotted that in……

We’d love to hear your thoughts on both the game and the concept.

Enjoy the video and look out for our full Overview very soon…

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Ray Willmott

Ray is the founder and editor of Expansive. He is also a former Community Manager for Steel Media, and has written for a variety of gaming websites over the years. His work can be seen on Pocket Gamer,, Gfinity, and the Red Bull Gaming Column. He has also written for VG247, Videogamer, GamesTM, PLAY, and MyM Magazine,