Tekken 7 gets fan favourite Julia and Walking Dead villain Negan as DLC on February 28

In a surprise move, Bandai Namco will release both Julia Chang and Negan as DLC for Tekken 7 on the same day, February 28th.

Finally, you’ll be able to swing Negan’s bat Lucille at King, Jin, and Yoshimitsu at the end of this month.

With that ominous whistle, foul mouth, and uncanny Jeffrey Dean Morgan swagger, the AMC version of Negan brings a whole new level of brutality with thrust kicks and powerful swings to the illustrious fighting franchise.

As if that’s not enough, to round out Season Pass 2, fan favourite Julia Chang will be returning to Tekken 7. It just wouldn’t be Tekken without Julia who has been in every one since the third.

After setting her stream live, she throws heavy kicks and punches with a real green theme as she takes down enemies, big and small with a range of diverse kicks and flips.

Julia Chang will retail for $5, while Negan will cost $8. or both can be purchased as part of the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2.

Hope you’ve got your shitting pants on!

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