The Blackout Club has its own Founder’s Club and you can join in with new DLC

The Blackout Club has been in early access for a while on PC, but has just now landed on consoles.

With it, there’s a new Founder’s Club DLC pack that gives you some cool gestures and cosmetics to decorate your characters and hideouts.

The developer is keen to stress that there are no gameplay benefits here, this is purely a bit of fun.

In the Founder’s Club pack, you’ll get..

  • The Founder’s Club Leather Jacket, for the Rebel in you!
  • The Founder’s Club Letter Jacket, for your preppy side!
  • The ‘Founder’s Dab’ Gesture, the only dab in the game.
  • A Unique Poster for the hideout.

Really cool. The Blackout Club is a fantastic game with a real unique twist on conventional shooters. Very much worth a look.

Expect some more coverage on the game from us soon, but in the meantime if you fancy this DLC pack, you can grab it here for £3.99