The Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC to release ‘soon’

The Elder Scrolls Online website has confirmed the next DLC – Wrathstone – will be releasing soon along with Update 21.

This will be the first of three DLC packs this year, along with the next major Chapter, Elsweyr. The four packs combined make up the Season of the Dragon.

Wrathstone will release before Elsweyr on May 20th and will add two new group dungeons – the Depths of Malatar, and Frostvault.

Frostvault is described as ‘a frozen Dwemer vault which contains one half of the Wrathstone. Players can expect to face both Goblins and Dwarven automatons as they search for the relic at its centre’.

Meanwhile ‘The Depths of Malatar consists of an Imperial fortress and a buried Ayleid ruin which lies beneath. Players will come face to face with Daedra, a Lost Imperial Legion and more.

Both are four player dungeons with unique rewards. And along with that will come some new PvP rewards and Battlegrounds.

More news on Update 21 and Wrathstone as we get it.

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