The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode Four: Impossible Objects Review

This episode plays it quite smart, making sure to add the first real consequence of your decision making.

Following the dramatic conclusion of First Ones, Camina Drummer now finds herself isolated, alone, and on the brink of death. It’s up to you to pull her back to her feet, confronting her looming past.

To really make sure you feel the weight of your decision making, this episode really delves deep into Drummer’s psyche, giving us the first real look at her life prior to the events of the game and also the character we see in the TV show.

It’s a fascinating take and a great episode, actually, though one wonders if the chain of events shouldn’t have happened sooner in the season.

That said, this is the episode fans of the show have been waiting for. There’s been hints and nods to it before, sure, but this one really starts to connect those dots and build a clear path to that first episode.  This one definitely has some surprises in store.

I won’t say why here, as the whole point of this episode is fan service. And there’s no real major decision-making here, everything is already sort of a consequence of what’s happened. That said, you can see there’s an explosive finale brewing when those credits roll.

But as you start to see a different side to Cammina, so the episode plays slightly differently from the rest and craft an identity all on its own. This is closer to the studio we know than any episode in the series so far.

On that topic, I’ve seen some complaints that this season has been underwhelming for the most part. I’d disagree with that for the most part, but now that we are 4/5s of the way through, what I will say is this game has been lacking in big memorable moments Telltale are known for. There are a few, for sure, including one this episode that was super touching, but part of me is worried they’re saving everything up for the finale. Which would be a bit of a shame.

I get it, you don’t want every episode to completely throw you for left field, I do like that Deck Nine have tried to keep things semi-grounded, make sure everything makes sense and stays coherent, not diverging off track too much. And, let’s face it, when you’re dealing with a major IP, there are certain restrictions in place. Especially when you have a set path you have to travel and a destination you need to reach.

That said, their Life is Strange games are some of the best in the whole series and just thinking back to Before the Storm or True Colours, I can immediately pick out two or three moments throughout the games that still give me goosebumps, that haunt me or make me smile. Mostly here, we’ve been going through the motions with a few quips thrown in for good measure.

If there is one big payoff in Episode Five, I’d probably be ok with that since the combined length of this whole experience will be just over five hours. But if you were to play this in block, I think you’d probably find it kind of disappointing as it’ll likely highlight the filler of some sequences all the more. And probably show this has taken a bit too long to get to its point.

Ultimately, this is a good episode. There’s some surprises in the narrative, some great character development, especially the total deconstruction of Drummer, and a tender, touching moment that could only have come from Deck Nine.

But it yet again feels like a setup for something more substantial and we’ll have to wait for Europa’s Folly to see the payoff. If there is one, and hopefully, there is. This one desperately needs a big finish.


Impossible Objects is a well made character profile for Cammina Drummer. It’s a brilliant psychological profile of her past, of the consequences of her actions, and facing the reality of her situation. Deck Nine are really starting to connect the dots to the TV show and have delivered an episode of fan service which is sure to bring a smile to many faces. However, this is now a Season in desperate need of a big finish to offset much of its filler.


+ Well engineered breakdown of Camina Drummer’s character
+ A touching and troubling moment to feed into the drama
+ Fun surprises for fans of the show
+ The stage is set for a big finale


– Another episode lacking a big decision makes this whole game a very slow build
– Not enough puzzle solving and probably a bit too much walking

The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode Four: Impossible Objects Review

7 out of 10

Code kindly received from Telltale Games for Review Purposes 

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The Final Episode – Europa’s Folly – Releases September 21st

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